About Mini eats

Almost four years ago my daughter Lexie was born and ever since I’ve been trying to write a family recipe book. I earmarked a beautiful Liberty journal for the job. I wanted to record the recipes we love, the occasions we celebrate and the memories that surround these moments. The beautiful journal is still sitting untouched but this blog that I started as a little side project seems to be fitting the bill perfectly.


At first the aim for this space was ‘what to feed your little ones and you every single night.’ Dinner is a big topic of conversation among my mum/dad friends. Although most of us are foodies who love cooking, we all seem to be suffering from the ‘washing machine syndrome’ as my mum calls it (cook, clean, wash, tidy, shop repeat). Mini eats started as a collection of family friendly recipes that would hopefully inspire us all a little.

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It quickly became a more personal recipe book. A place to preserve a few memories from this precious little bubble of our family’s early years, alongside the meals we share. And of course I’m hoping when my daughter is older she’ll want this recipe book of sorts. My nickname for Lexie has always been mini, I’m not really sure why. A while ago, on my pinterest, I started categorising anything to do with her ‘mini’. Hence mini eats. Her brother Finn is a more recent arrival, born 2 December 2014!


I recently set up an instagram account @minieats which will be updated more regularly than this blog that’s for sure! As well as featuring our daily meals, friends will also be contributing some of their family favourite recipes over there. It’s always interesting seeing what other families are having for dinner! So far I’ve found the instagram really fun and it’s a good way for me to see how to balance meals over the week, use up leftovers and not go over budget. I’d be over the moon if you find a recipe that works for your family here or over on instagram. I’d also love to hear your family favourites, especially if you don’t live in Britain!


PS: I should also mention I’m half Spanish. Well Basque. My mum is from Tolosa near San Sebastian which no-one had heard of when I was growing up (some people had heard of ETA…). But since Easyjet, the Bilbao Guggenheim and the culinary genius that is Arzak not only does everyone know the Basque country they’ve all been there! It’s true it’s a language isolate with lots of Zs and Ks and Xs. It’s true the people are ‘headstrong’ (Lewis does an amazing impersonation of a Basque drinking a glass of water). It’s true the food is wonderful – though I go more for the simple stuff – perfectly cooked steak, grilled squid, croquetas over the Arzak foams and soundscapes on a plate. Anyway now I’ve written a few posts it’s clear how much being Basque influences my cooking so I thought I’d add this here.


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  1. Basque piperade with eggs – Mini eats

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